3 Benefits of a Closed Plan Office

3 Benefits of a Closed Plan Office

The layout of an office can contribute significantly to the success, efficiency, and productivity of a business. You must consider what the function of the space will be, and how it will support and optimize productivity, workflow, and in some cases, creativity as well. Closed office plans have been praised by big names such as […]

5 Decorative Mirror Designs Everyone Is Talking About

decore mirror designs

When it comes to décor, mirrors are the windows of creativity. They bring light, style, and personality to a space. They are a designer’s go-to piece for adding flair and cohesion to a design. If you’re in search of a few ways to accent your design and space, here are five decorative mirror designs that […]

Custom Mirrors for Commercial Applications

a ballet dancer infront of a mirror dancing in a commercial space

For certain businesses, mirrors are almost as important as the customers who use them. They enhance, lighten, and liven a space, and for some particular businesses, they’re simply a must. Businesses such as gyms, retail fitting rooms, dance studios, and hotel lobbies are all prime examples where mirrors are fully utilized and necessary in order […]

Fall Makeover: Update Your Closet

glass mirror doors in a luxurious bathroom

Whether it’s a business space or your bedroom, if each time you walk into a room and feel like something needs to change, yet you aren’t sure exactly what, take a look at your closet doors. For as often as they are used, and for the amount of space they occupy, closet doors are one […]

3 Reasons to Repair Windows Before Winter Hits

a little girl looking out a window during the winter time

Before winter sets in, it’s important to get them fixed before that colder weather arrives if your windows are a little worse for wear. Even minor repairs can push your HVAC system to work harder than it should to keep your home warm and cozy. And of course, the more heat you require, the higher […]


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