Tamperproof mirrors are theft-proof and resistant to intentional damage. This makes them perfect for applications such as public washrooms, where functionality and security are both required. Not only is the mirror itself tamperproof, but the frames are also installed with tamper-resistant screws.

Custom Tamperproof Mirrors

M&T Glass has the best selection of mirrors in Ottawa, and if you bring in a shape or design, we can produce something that’s made precisely to your specifications. Our Ottawa glass shop is home to expert glass cutters who can make mirrors in square, rectangle, oval, or circle shapes—just to name a few. They can also reproduce any existing profile for replacements. And when you have your new mirror made to be tamperproof at M&T Glass, it really will live up to its name!

Whatever application you need it for, our glass experts will produce a tamperproof mirror for you that won’t let you down—one that will last for years to come and stand up to regular use in public facilities such as change rooms, washrooms, gyms, staff rooms, retail stores, and more.