Windows are an integral component of any home. They’re an important part of maintaining privacy, safety, and even reducing energy costs each month. To enhance your protection against weather damage, break-ins, and solar heat, M&T Glass offers specialty services like our Window Tint and Security Film installation to better safeguard your home.

The Protection Your Windows Need

Whether your property receives direct sunlight throughout the day or has ageing windows that just don’t hold up to the weather as they used to – tint and security film can benefit your home. Using dyed polyester film, this application helps to reduce solar heat by up to 79%, keeping your home comfortable and cool without having to blare the air conditioning or costing you a small fortune in energy bills. These can also block out 99% of UV radiation, offering the perfect shield to prevent furniture and artwork from fading over time, keeping your precious belongings looking great, even when placed near natural light.

The Privacy You Desire

Aside from improving the aesthetics of the home or vehicle and reducing glare and energy usage, our window tint and security film creates a layer along glass planes to deter any lingering eyes. This prevents thieves from being able to easily inspect your interior, take note of your valuables, or identify vulnerable access points throughout the home. It’s a simple and effective deterrent, making break-and-enter crimes much more challenging, which helps to keep your loved ones and precious belongings safer.

Safe Against Breakage

At M&T Glass, we know that life can be unpredictable when it comes to unexpected weather events, accidents, vandalism, or theft. These thin and barely detectable films are a reliable way to defend your windows at all times against the surprises that life can throw our way. Manufactured from a heavy-duty polyester compound, these films are comprised of the strongest adhesives in the industry and engineered with exceptional strength.
They’re also ideal for adding more privacy to an interior glass pane or creating a semi-transparent partition with just as much visibility as you need.

Our team at M&T Glass is committed to providing the professional and reliable services that you need for your windows, doors, and glass items. From installations and repairs to hardware replacements and specialized edgework, to custom tabletops, shower doors and everything in between – we are the go-to glass experts in Ottawa.

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