A Glass Tabletop is a stylish statement piece in any room. The natural transparency of the glass can help create the impression of more space and less clutter, and the smooth, sleek appearance of glass adds a modern flair to your furnishings. It’s also easier to keep clean and germ-free than wood—since glass doesn’t stain and won’t absorb contaminants, maintaining it is as simple as using a clean cloth and a glass-cleaning solution. For this reason, glass is also commonly used for covering wooden tabletops, thereby protecting the original surface and making it easier to maintain.

Our glass store in Ottawa can also produce new tabletops for DIY projects, so whether you’re building a base from scratch or you’re repurposing a reclaimed object—a whiskey barrel, for example, makes a great base for a small, high table—our glass store in Ottawa can produce the perfect finishing touch to your new table that shows off your unique style and tastes. We are able to cut a wide variety of shapes in clear, grey or bronze glass in several popular thicknesses in your size*. If you require tempered or safety glass, it is available for many layouts and applications.

Glass Edgework

M&T Glass is pleased to offer one of the most comprehensive styles of edgework available!*
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glass-tablet-top-image-flat-polishFLAT POLISH

The industry standard of edgework! Available for glass thicknesses from 3mm to 19mm. This edgework can be applied to a wide variety of shapes and can be applied to both glass and mirror*.


The edge most frequently applied to round oval and other shapes but also available to many others*. Available for glass thicknesses from 3mm to 19mm.


The most popular of custom edgework. Available for both glass (5 to 19mm) and mirror (3mm and 5mm) in the following bevel widths: ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼” & 1 ½”. Beveling is also available for oval and circular shapes*.

glass-tablet-top-image-4545° MITER

Shorter than a bevel but a dramatic edge never the less! Available for both glass and mirror from 5mm to 19mm For straight and angular cuts only*.

glass-tablet-top-image-bull-noseBULL NOSE

Similar to a pencil polish with a more pronounced circular nose. Available for both angular (3 & 5mm) and round (3, 5 & 6mm) thicknesses*.

glass-tablet-top-image-waterfallTRIPLE WATERFALL

Arguably one of the most dramatic edge finishes! Available for ½” glass only in square, rectangular and round cuts*.

glass-tablet-top-image-ogeeO.G. (Ogee)

Another very beautiful edge finish. Also, only available for ½” glass only in square, rectangular and round cuts*.


Also known as a “Plate Rail”
Is a decorative groove cut into the surface of the glass and can be combined with several of the edgework finishes*. For glass 5mm to 19mm in square, rectangular and round cuts.


*All sizes and shapes subject to manufacturing availability and extended lead times may apply. Some pricing may require quotation from manufacturer.