Residential Wall Mirrors

For years we have made our homes brighter and appear more spacious using full length, mounted wall mirrors. We still do, and they can be added to virtually any room–even bathrooms in Ottawa–but now mirrors have a much more important daily function!

As we have become more concerned with our personal health, home based gyms are everywhere. While some people enjoy being part of a fitness club, many of us would rather work out in the privacy of our own homes. Even fitness equipment has become more affordable than ever and we can help you by installing the finishing touch! Add a little mirror, or go with a complete wall or full length mirror for the entire space, the choice is yours! Our mirrors in Ottawa are expertly and evenly installed to provide you the most level and correct reflection available. Securely mounted and attractively finished with chrome or brushed trim, your space will be complete! For your safety, nylon mesh “safety backing” will help to keep the mirror together, just in case.

Commercial Wall Mirrors

We also provide the same mirrors for commercial applications including dance studios, art studios, dojos, and gyms for workouts, sports, and bodybuilding!

Retail and business applications like creating the illusion of space in a smaller tenement, dressing rooms (walls & doors), merchandizing accents and aids, fitting areas, interior pillars, lobbies, health care professionals’ offices and rehab centres are all our specialties!

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Specialty Wall Mirrors

Are you looking for something different? M&T Glass also has mirror walls available in tinted bronze or grey. Mirrors can also be installed without trim**, with beveled or flat edges, and even with custom sandblasted designs.

**For safety, a mechanical fastener must be used to support all mirror walls