Sandblasted glass can make a great addition to any interior or exterior design scheme and M&T Glass is pleased to offer custom sandblasting right out of our Ottawa glass shop!

The glass shop can create designs for decorative use at home like artwork on a room divider, a logo, privacy “frosting”, and a design in a mirrored closet door. We can also create designs for commercial use, including signage or logo, decorative door glass, mirrors, transoms, frosted glass for bathrooms, shower enclosures, glass cabinetry, and virtually any other application where glass can be used. Whether it’s a subtle design or something bolder, you can bring in your own custom design or choose one from our showroom catalogues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a process where compressed air is mixed with abrasive media and shot at targeted areas of glass or mirror to etch a pattern, shape, or design of your choosing*. This process changes the surface of the glass from smooth to rough.

How do you create my pattern?

Our Ottawa glass shop technician covers the parts of the glass meant to remain clear, so that the patterns, designs, and even logos and words can be etched into the glass—or be left clear as the surrounding area is etched away. He then applies the stream of air and media to the glass. Applying the stream for a longer period cuts deeper, giving the illusion of layers. The technician then peels away the vinyl covering to expose your blast.

How will it look?

When applied properly, sandblasting will give the glass a classic “frosted” appearance.

*Not all patterns, shapes or designs can be sandblasted.
**In some applications frosted film is a better solution than sandblasting for your application.