Need to replace a broken pane of cabinet glass or just looking to replace those old wooden cabinets with something more sleek and elegant looking? We can help! Whenever you have a broken piece of glass, it’s important to replace it for your safety and for aesthetics. When you want an entirely new look in your kitchen, adding new cabinet glass is a great way to modernize your space without doing a full renovation. Whatever your reasons, our team at M&T Glass will find the perfect glass for your cabinet doors at a cost that you’ll be happy about!

A Wide Selection To Suit Every Kitchen Space

Our company offers a full range of cabinet glass styles, so whether you need to exactly match your other cabinets or want to spice up your existing kitchen design, we have you covered. From clear to decorative to frosted and even coloured, we have a wide range of textures and styles to choose from. Much of the glass we sell is also available in varying thicknesses and can be finished as you wish. We can also create custom glass to fit a DIY project or to produce a unique design of your choosing.

Competitive Pricing

We make all of our glass on-site, so you don’t have to pay for the cost to have a middleman as part of the transaction. All the savings are transferred directly to you.

Exceptional Quality

Our craftsmanship and customer service are top of the line. When you choose our glass products at M&T, you can rest assured that you’re getting a glass product that will last for decades.

Full-Service Operation

At M&T Glass, we carry everything you need for your kitchen cabinets and more. In fact, we also stock the largest inventory of hardware around and can order a certain type or brand if you wish.

Whether you need just one pane or a full kitchen cabinet replacement project, there’s no project too small or too large for our team. Glass is our specialty, so no matter what type of material, width or shape you’re looking for, we can create it for you! Come visit our showroom on Michael Street in Ottawa to see all the different glass styles and shapes to choose from. If you can’t make it out, simply contact us, and we’ll set up a free at-home inspection to discuss your needs.