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When your window hardware starts to break down, it’s important to replace the parts as soon as possible. Broken window sashes, window crank arms, and handles can compromise the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your home. Rotting window frames or broken locks can also leave your home more vulnerable to break-ins and theft. Repairing and replacing these parts is the only way to make sure that your windows are tightly sealed and properly enforced to keep your family safe and comfortable.

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Door Window Hardware Parts



At M&T Glass we know how difficult it can be to find high-quality window hardware and replacement parts for your home. There are numerous brands to choose from but only a few can truly deliver on quality, durability, and price. That’s why we personally vet each brand and their products first to ensure that we’re providing our customers with the most reliable parts and at the most competitive rates.

We have a comprehensive selection of affordable residential and commercial window hardware, gaskets, locking systems, and weatherstripping for every type of window imaginable. Operators, latches, hinges, gears, handles, cranks, spindles, locks, clutches, drip caps, flush bolts, turn buttons, screws, stabilizer arms, snubbers, roller cams, rails – you name it, we either stock it or can order it directly from our large supply network*. With thousands of window parts available in our inventory, you can easily source everything you need to repair or replace your window. And if by chance we don’t have the part that you need, we will locate it for you.

Not sure which part is the right one for your windows? Our team of knowledgeable window professionals is here to help you locate the right hardware to get the job done right the first time. Here at M&T Glass, it’s our mission to help our customers keep their windows performing at their best. Our on-site staff have years of experience and a personal passion for finding solutions to your window hardware dilemmas. Whether it’s choosing the right window parts or answering questions about proper maintenance, we’re here to help you!
We know that finding the right replacement hardware can be a time-consuming chore, but having an industry expert to guide you makes the process a whole lot easier. We carry the largest inventory of window hardware, gaskets, and weather-stripping in Eastern Ontario. Call us anytime, day or night for your window and door related needs.

*Does not apply items considered obsolete or products outside our industry

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