Installing a grill door on your property is an excellent way to provide extra security from break-ins and vandalism for your business or home. But even though these physical barriers are extremely strong and durable, they’re not impervious to damage. Over time, your grill door will wear down from the weather and constant use, which will eventually require a replacement. And when that happens, we’re the team to call! At M&T Glass, we carry several different styles and materials for residential and commercial use. Whether you’re looking for a grill door replacement that will match your original design or if you’re interested in installing an entirely new one, our team will help you find exactly what you need.

The Highest Quality Materials and Installation

Improperly installed grills can be easily removed, leaving your home or business vulnerable. When it comes to grill door replacement, you must have it installed only by a professional. At M&T Glass, we only staff industry experts who are fully trained and experienced in grill door repair and replacements. Plus, all of our products used are made from the highest quality materials and hardware so you can rest assured that your property will be well protected.

Service When You Need It Most

A damaged grill door can put you, your home or your business at risk, especially when an incident occurs during after hours. That’s why we provide around the clock 24/7 emergency service. Simply call us at any time, and our dedicated after-hours team will arrange to have someone on-site as soon as possible.

We’re Not Just Any Glass Company

M&T Glass has been providing window, door, and mirror related services to Ottawa-area residents for decades. Consumers in Ottawa now consider us their one-stop-shop for all their needs – design, repairs, replacement, and installations. Our team also cuts glass at our local store and can make several custom items for your home. Whether you just need a grill door replacement or have a number of projects you need to be addressed, you can count on our team to give you the support and quality service you need.

Get the protection you need at the price you’re comfortable with. At M&T Glass, we offer competitive pricing and unbeatable service. If you need to replace a broken or damaged grill door or are simply looking for a new design, contact us to set up a FREE on-site inspection.