Our glass store in Ottawa offers a large and diverse selection of striking and beautiful glass patterns. Patterned glass is more than just an attractive addition to any home—its balance of transparency and light transmission also makes it a very practical one, and it has a number of uses around the home. It can be used in interior and exterior doors, transoms, partitions, shower doors*, cupboard and vanity doors, lighting fixtures, shelves**, display backdrops, and interior room partitions just to name a few!

Our selection includes both geometric and abstract patterns, all offering differing levels of texture and obscurity. Whether you prefer the smooth, even squares of a Carre pattern, the gentle obscurity of Clear Satin, or the organic flow of Polar, there is something for everyone. Other patterns include Arctic Clear and Arctic Amber, Delta Matte, Farao, Gluechip, Niagara, Autumn, and many more.

The best thing about patterned glass is that it has an absolutely minimal effect on how much natural or artificial light it allows through, while the patterns themselves range from obscure to translucent, offering you an impressive degree of privacy—perfect for bathroom windows!

*Limited to “Rain” or “Satin” glass for shower applications
**Very light duty applications only