Fall 2016 Design Trends

Fall 2016 Design Trends

Interior home design trends are always changing. Looking back through the years, chances are you’ve even had a few styles, colours, or pieces of furniture that makes you wonder what you were thinking back then. But as these styles change, so too does our taste in design. And this upcoming fall season, you bet there are changing trends already in motion that are starting to sweep through the interior design world.

Here are some of the top fall 2016 design trends that are making waves throughout the design world this year.

Black Stainless Steel

We love our modern, sleek, super-efficient stainless steel appliances – no matter how much of a pain some of them may be to clean. They’re a sharp addition to any kitchen. But this fall, black stainless steel is the name of the game. Say goodbye to those gleaming silver appliances and say hello to sleek, dark fridges, stoves, and dishwashers instead. They provide that extra touch of warmth and a great amount of aesthetic contrast to any kitchen.

Granny Florals

There was always that one family member that said those floral patterns would come back in style, and boy were they right! Designers and homeowners can’t get enough of that floral-patterned furniture that our grandmothers simply adore. The dainty patterns, mixed with bold, warm colours, bring the perfect splash of colour and vintage vibe to any décor.

Statement Mirrors

Whether it’s the bathroom or a decorative piece on a wall – statement mirrors are catching the eyes of designers everywhere this season. They’re stepping out of the predictable rectangular shapes and into circular, half-moons, sun-shaped or vintage styles instead. They’re the perfect addition to brighten any wall or bathroom.

Tech-less Living Rooms

You read that correctly! Tech-less – as in no television, no iPads, no digital gadgets or gizmos. Tech-based households certainly aren’t dwindling by any measure, but all the more reason why more and more homeowners are creating these tech-free living rooms. It’s a dedicated space to unplug, pick up a good book, throw down a board game, or have a good old face-to-face conversation.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Sleek, contemporary glass shower enclosures add a whole new dimension to those dated bathrooms. If you’re looking to update and upgrade your bathroom space, glass is the perfect addition. Whether sandblasted or clear, they create the perfect enclosure while still providing a bright openness in even the tiniest of bathrooms. Plus they give that perfect touch of modern edge.

So this fall, if you’re looking to up your interior game with the leading trends in design, use these tips to inspire you to get creative.

Looking for more glass and mirror design tips? M&T Glass is here to help! Just get in touch and we’d be happy to offer our expert recommendations.



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