Replace or Repair Your Windows If…

Replace or Repair Your Windows If…

More than any other part of the home, windows can really show their age. Sharp drafts, poor insulation, and lingering condensation are all problems we’d rather avoid, and they sure have a way of reflecting on our monthly energy bills. Whether it’s a few small repairs to the window sash, frame, or hardware or you need total window replacement, here are the “ifs” that will surely require some attention either way.

Sharp Drafts

One of the most common problems with those aging windows is the poor insulation and commonly associated drafts that result over time. As the window frames wear and tear, cracks and aging combine to allow that sharp air to penetrate into your home, causing an inevitable spike in your utility bills as your furnace kicks into overdrive to keep your indoor air at a comfortable temperature. If you feel cold air leaking in from the windows, or if you hear its ghost-like moan on windy nights, it’s time it address them for the sake of your comfort and your energy bills. Sometimes, drafty windows can be solved with DIY fixes like applying a plastic seal to the panes, placing a draft stopper over the leak. For more permanent solutions, hire a window repair company to repair the seal.

Wood Rot

Take a look around the exteriors frames of the windows. If you notice any areas with visible wood rot that you can easily chip away, it may be time for replacement. That crumbling wood could very well be a contributing factor to your drafts, and also for moisture and mold growth as well. This is hazardous and downright ugly for the aesthetics of your home. If you are looking for replacement windows, consider upgrading to aluminum windows as the frames are much more durable than wood.

Window Jams

If your windows require a significant amount of strength, followed by an even larger amount of patience just to get them to open, unfortunately it’s just going to get worse over time. No window is worth keeping without the ability to open them up and let in some fresh air. But before you worry about total window replacement, look into replacing the hardware. A new, smooth operating crank may be just what the doctor ordered.


What’s the point of having windows if you can’t see through them clearly? When condensation fogs up your window, it means that the seal has failed or there are cracks present somewhere along the panes that are allowing warm and cool moist air to meet. This is a more common occurrence for aging windows. If you’re forced to look through a foggy haze, this is a definite sign that they need some repair, or in some more severe cases, replacement.

Windows are the statement piece of your home exterior. They contribute significantly to the aesthetics, functionality, and value of your home. If you’re beginning to notice similar problems such as these, it may be time to provide some extra TLC and repairs. But if these problems are a consistent, regular occurrence despite your efforts with repairs, it could be time for a complete replacement. Either way, you can contact M&T Glass. When it comes to windows, there’s no one better in Ottawa!



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