Custom Mirrors for Commercial Applications

For certain businesses, mirrors are almost as important as the customers who use them. They enhance, lighten, and liven a space, and for some particular businesses, they’re simply a must. Businesses such as gyms, retail fitting rooms, dance studios, and hotel lobbies are all prime examples where mirrors are fully utilized and necessary in order to liven up a space, all the while providing value to the customer.


Whether we’re talking about a gym, yoga studio, karate dojo, boxing gyms, MMA gyms, or community fitness centre, mirrors play an important role in adding functionality to the space. Full-length mirrors are important for ensuring correct form and preventing injury when clients lift weights, stretch, and do squats. Full-length mirrors also help to make the space feel larger and airier, even with the presence of large, imposing machines and cluttering exercise equipment.

Retail Fitting Rooms

Full length mirrors for trying on clothing, and even panels that can show a person every angle of their body, allow retail businesses to provide the customer with visual access and convenience of trying on and seeing how they look before purchasing items. If you’ve ever walked into a retail store without a mirror or fitting room, you – like most people – probably didn’t end up purchasing anything for the simple fact that you couldn’t see how it looked on you. If there’s one business that places a large portion of customer satisfaction in the power of mirrors – it’s retail.

Hotel Lobbies

If you’ve walked into any hotel lobby, one of the first features you’ll notice are the mirrors. Hotels are catered to satisfying customers and providing a temporary place where guests can feel a sense of comfort and luxury. For these reasons, mirrors are strategically placed throughout lobbies to enhance the space, lighten it, and provide that sense of luxury and opulence when guest walk through the entranceway.

Dance Studios

Dance is all about perfecting every move, so without the ability to see and analyze every inch of a performance from head to toe – dancers would simply falter. Reflections of movement provide teaching and learning to occur in a way that can only be achieved through the ability of seeing oneself. For this reason, dance studios and ballet schools make smart use of mirrors.

No matter what type of commercial business it may be, mirrors have and continue to be an essential component for enhancing a space, opening it up and providing an inviting environment for customers.

If you have a business with space that needs an upgrade, mirrors can do just that – and we can help! Get in touch for a free estimate today!




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