Need Commercial Wall Mirrors? We are Your People!

Need Commercial Wall Mirrors? We are Your People!

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your business space or complete your studio design? Commercial wall mirrors may be what you need. These customizable glass surfaces are both extremely durable and remarkably lucid, providing a number of advantages for your business and the clients you serve. To give you a better idea […]

What are Tamperproof Mirrors?

What are Tamperproof Mirrors?

Struggling with vandals attempting to steal or damage the mirrors in your place of business? There’s a product worth checking out that can help prevent theft and damage to your mirrors. These are called tamperproof mirrors, which consist of an advanced custom-made glass surface and frame that provides superior functionality and security. To learn more […]

What Can M&T Glass Do For You?

What M&T Glass Can Do For You

Looking for glass repair, mirrors, custom glass showers, doors, custom closet doors or windows for your home? M&T Glass has been proudly serving the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario area for over 50 years when it comes to any glass-related needs. There’s a lot to be said for the knowledge and expertise that comes from operating […]

Why Mirrors are a Great Design Option for Your Home

a nicely design room with a large mirror on the wall behind a white couch

Mirrors are one of the most widely used decor items throughout homes today. By orienting them strategically, they can reflect sunlight and brighten your entire interior. If your home has trees overshadowing it, or rooms throughout it that appear boxed in and confined, mirrors are handy for projecting light into those darkened corners and creating […]

Revamp Your Master Closet

revamped master closet

Do you have a master closet that has all the size you want but none of the elements to keep your items organized? Revamping your closet can help neatly store all of your clothes, ensure they are kept looking new and bright, and add functionality to your space. Here are some quick tips to upgrade […]


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