Revamp Your Master Closet

revamped master closet

Do you have a master closet that has all the size you want but none of the elements to keep your items organized? Revamping your closet can help neatly store all of your clothes, ensure they are kept looking new and bright, and add functionality to your space. Here are some quick tips to upgrade your space so that your master closet has everything you want and need.

New Custom Shelving

Adding in your own personal closet-organizing system that’s composed of custom designed shelving can create some much-needed space, while also improving the appearance (and tidiness) of your bedroom. You can easily triple your storage space and find the clothes you are looking for without the hassle of digging.

New Sliding Door

Sliding doors help create a stylish divider from your bedroom to your closet. They provide privacy for your belongings and come in a wide variety of designs and finishes including back-painted glass.


Adding some bright colour to a closet can help make it look more chic and stylish. White paint or light-coloured paint with a sheer finish will help you see the colour, patterns, and textures of your clothing much easier. Alternatively, you could make your master closet a prized feature of the bedroom by going bold with your colour choice.


Some closets require plenty of lighting so you can clearly see what you’re attempting to wear and match. Adding in additional lighting in the form of ceiling fixtures or even surface-mounted fluorescent lights can provide some much-needed illumination for your wardrobe and help open the space.


Air circulation is also very important and something most people don’t consider when it comes to closet space. To ensure moisture, does not build up on your clothes causing mold and other smells, you can easily install a fan. You can place a small, simple fan inside or install one outside the closet nearby to do the trick.


Trying to find the perfect outfit for an important night out can be exhausting. So why not create some seating within the closet? You can place one or two elegant chairs, or event a plush bench to rest on when it’s time to slip on your shoes or undress.

If you’re looking for ways to revamp your master closet, consider some of these ideas to optimize your space and create the perfect design to keep everything organized and easy to find. With a little help from M&T’s Ottawa glass store, your new master closet awaits!



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