Need Commercial Wall Mirrors? We are Your People!

Need Commercial Wall Mirrors? We are Your People!

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your business space or complete your studio design? Commercial wall mirrors may be what you need. These customizable glass surfaces are both extremely durable and remarkably lucid, providing a number of advantages for your business and the clients you serve. To give you a better idea of how they can be used, here are just some of the places where a commercial wall mirror can improve your space.

Dance Studio

A wall of mirrors is a necessary fixture for professional dancing or even practising yoga. If you teach dance or have your own studio at home, a large expansive mirror can be extremely helpful for nailing down your different dance moves, postures, and positions.

Our commercial wall mirrors are crystal clear and look great no matter where they’re installed. Plus, they’re shatter-proof, so you won’t have to worry about shattering any glass if your dance moves get a little crazy.

Art Studio

Light is very important when you’re painting or drawing. If your art studio is in a rather dark space that doesn’t receive enough light, you can install a commercial mirror to help distribute and reflect the light to brighten the space. Your students will also benefit as they can watch your technique no matter where they are sitting in the room.  

Gym Space

Our mirrors can be installed in large-scale fitness facilities as well, or they can easily be placed side-by-side to create a comfortable workout studio. They can also stand up against a rolling dumbbell.

Fitting Rooms

Shoppers purchase more when they actually try on the clothing. That’s why you need large mirrors in your fitting rooms. You also need to take everyone’s safety into consideration, so a regular mirror won’t do. Lining a large change room hall with wall mirrors can give your customers a runway to check themselves out in.

Rehab Centres

When you’re recovering from an injury, it’s highly important to have a clear view of your body position and how you’re handling the weights. This is also true for stretching, as you should be able to see exactly what your body is doing during each pose to ensure that you are doing it correctly to avoid injury.

If you’re in need of commercial wall mirrors – we’re your people! At M&T Glass, we can provide you with a mirror that is tailored to your space. To find out more about our commercial wall mirrors, contact us today!



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