What are Tamperproof Mirrors?

What are Tamperproof Mirrors?

Struggling with vandals attempting to steal or damage the mirrors in your place of business? There’s a product worth checking out that can help prevent theft and damage to your mirrors. These are called tamperproof mirrors, which consist of an advanced custom-made glass surface and frame that provides superior functionality and security. To learn more about these advanced designs, here’s everything you need to know about tamperproof mirrors and how installing them can help save you money.

Enhanced Durability

When you spend money on mirrors for your business, you expect them to last for years to come. However, some locations are more prone to damage or theft – public washrooms, fitness centres, restaurants, hotel, and retail stores, to name a few. With our tamperproof mirrors, you get enhanced durability that is extremely resilient to any damage. The glass is made of exceptionally strong materials and even heavy-duty tamper-resistant screws along the mirror frame. So it’s next to impossible for someone to take the mirror off of the wall or crack the surface.

Custom Made

At M&T Glass, our experts can create any tamperproof mirror style that you can think of. If you have an existing profile, we can reproduce it to its exact specifications. And if you are hoping for a new design – square, rectangle, oval, circular, or even a floor to ceiling design – we have you covered for that too. Just bring in the shape and design specifications, and we will custom design it for you right in our shop.

Long Lasting

You won’t have to worry about replacing mirror after mirror when you have tamperproof ones installed. You can feel confident that our high-quality mirrors will stay in the same condition as when you bought them years down the line. We use only the highest-grade glass and hardware on our products. This can help keep your operating expenses nice and low and keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money replacing your mirrors due to theft of vandalism. By installing our tamperproof mirrors in your business, you can reduce any unnecessary, costly replacements. When you’re ready to explore your options, contact us at M&T Glass for a free on-site estimate. We have supplied and installed thousands of custom mirrors in and around Ottawa area. When it comes to glass, we are your go-to experts!



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