we repair your glass while you wait

We Repair Your Glass While You Wait!

At M&T Glass, we know how difficult it can be to manage a busy schedule, and we understand the importance of having a rapid response time. That’s why we offer our customers our  “repair while you wait service” in addition to our mobile teams that go on-site for more extensive repair jobs. We offer reliable […]

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sandblasted glasses

Sandblasting: Endless Customization

Ever wonder how those businesses get their logos etched into the glass? It’s called sandblasting, which is an advanced process that provides a “frosted” appearance to any glass surface. If you’re not familiar with sandblasting, it’s a procedure that mixes compressed air with an abrasive medium to etch patterns, shapes and designs into the glass […]

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how to decide where your wall mirrors should go

How to Decide Where Your Wall Mirrors Should Go

Mirrors can be an excellent asset to your home – especially if you have dark areas or smaller, confined rooms that you want to brighten and open up. The trick for decorating with mirrors is all about strategic placement to ensure they look great and help enhance the feel of your home. If you’re trying […]

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