How to Decide Where Your Wall Mirrors Should Go

how to decide where your wall mirrors should go

Mirrors can be an excellent asset to your home – especially if you have dark areas or smaller, confined rooms that you want to brighten and open up. The trick for decorating with mirrors is all about strategic placement to ensure they look great and help enhance the feel of your home. If you’re trying to decide where your wall mirrors should go, here are some pointers to remember.

Consider the Size

When it comes to deciding which wall to hang your mirrors on, size really matters. First, think of what you’re trying to achieve with the mirror. Are you hanging it as a focal feature or as a simple background element? Then think about this in relation to the wall space you have. If you do want the mirror to be front and centre, make sure it’s large enough to captivate attention. If you have a small mirror and a large wall, this will make the mirror seem out of place and lost. Smaller mirrors work well on smaller sections of a wall, or with several other mirrors bunched together.

Create More Light

Mirrors are also great at creating an illusion of more light as they reflect their surroundings. If you have any overshadowed areas of your home that could use more light, consider hanging a mirror there. Look for strategic areas, such as a wall that is opposite or at an angle that’s close to a window. This will help reflect more natural light into those darker areas of the home.

Create More Space

Bathrooms and bedrooms are always favourite spots in the home to hang some mirrors. This is because they tend to be smaller in space and can often feel cramped and more confined. Place them opposite any windows and in areas that will help create the illusion of more space, like above the bed.

Find Suitable Frames

Today, it’s never been easier or as fun to find frames of all sorts that will suit many different styles. If you prefer vintage, contemporary or even quirky styles, find the frames that reflect your personality.

Remember that wherever you hang a mirror, it will reflect all that’s directly in front of it. So always give some thought before hammering that nail. And for all of your glass related needs and repairs, M&T Glass has got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help.



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