Sandblasting: Endless Customization

sandblasted glasses

Ever wonder how those businesses get their logos etched into the glass? It’s called sandblasting, which is an advanced process that provides a “frosted” appearance to any glass surface. If you’re not familiar with sandblasting, it’s a procedure that mixes compressed air with an abrasive medium to etch patterns, shapes and designs into the glass surface. It can provide a rich, textured appearance, and gives your home or office endless customization options. At M&T Glass, we are pleased to be able to offer custom sandblasting right out of our shop. Here’s everything you need to know about sandblasting and the endless customization options involved.

Elegance for Your Home

Our glass professionals can create endless design options for your home with the use of sandblasting. If you would like to spice up the look of your bathroom, we can add some waves, horizontal lines or even life-like scenes into your shower glass. For your front halls and kitchen backsplashes, we can create decorative glass panels or even add your family crest to show off your own personal style. We can also add beautiful artwork on a glass screen door or room divider or create a frosted look when you want a little more privacy between rooms.

Personalization for Commercial Use

Sandblasting can also be used for commercial spaces. Most commonly, hotels and offices use this technique to add their logo to their entrance doors or street-facing windows. Some businesses go as far as adding it to their mirrors, meeting room dividers, shower glass and glass cabinetry for aesthetic purposes. The frosted appearance can even help to remove any fingerprints or smudges that are commonly collected in large business spaces.

Easily Customizable

What’s brilliant about sandblasting is that it can be easily customized. You can literally create any design you could possibly think of. We can even create a three-dimensional appearance if you like or even various depths for more of a unique effect. In essence, sandblasting is like drawing on glass, so whatever design you can come up with, it can be made by our team.

When you’re ready to take your glass surfaces to a whole new level by adding a custom logo or work of art to your interior or exterior areas, M&T Glass can help! Come visit us at our showroom today to see some examples of what we can create for you!



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