how to take care of your mirrors and wash them

How to Care for Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your interior design can work wonders for providing light and the illusion of space to just about any room. They can enhance your walls, allow you to get creative and even artistic with the design and frames. And of course, keeping them crystal clear is as important as the frame they’re in. […]

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a man fixing a drafty window using caulking

How to Fix Drafty Windows & Doors

When the winter arrives, there’s nothing better than feeling cozy and warm at home. But if you’ve got a drafty window, it can make your house anything but warm and cozy. Those air leaks can permeate through your entire home, which inevitably forces you to crank up the heat just to maintain a comfortable temperature. […]

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M&T glass cleaner

Why Everyone is Talking About Our Glass Cleaner

Chances are that if you’ve ever had to clean glass (who hasn’t?) you’ve had to endure that intense, blue spray. It seems to be what many people still rely on, not because they love it, but because it’s the easiest one to grab and go at the store. But as you spray that bold blue […]

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a door knob on a storm door

Why Install a Storm Door?

If you take a walk through your neighbourhood in Ottawa, chances are that you will notice how some of the homes have storm doors, (also known as screen doors). These aren’t just to exude that good old cottage vibe that we as Canadians, love so much. Aesthetics aside, storm doors can provide some great benefits […]

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