How to Care for Mirrors

how to take care of your mirrors and wash them

Adding mirrors to your interior design can work wonders for providing light and the illusion of space to just about any room. They can enhance your walls, allow you to get creative and even artistic with the design and frames. And of course, keeping them crystal clear is as important as the frame they’re in. So if you’ve got mirrors to care for in your home, here are the best ways for keeping them spotless.

Use the Right Glass Cleaner

Many of us have grown up with the notion that the stronger the chemical, the better it probably cleans. Thankfully, we’ve also come to realize how that’s certainly not true. That blue glass cleaner contains ammonia, which can eat away at the silver backing behind the mirror. That’s how you end up with those ugly black patches around the edges of the mirror. The only way to get rid of these splotches is to reback the mirror or buy a new one. Take a look at your bathroom mirror, and you’ll see it. Instead, using an ammonia-free, streak-free glass cleaner – there’s none better than M&T Glass Cleaner.

Keep Mirrors Dry

Of course, for many of us, mirrors are a staple for our bathrooms. And with all of that heat, moisture, and humidity, over time it can affect the mirror frame. That paint and finish around the mirror can begin to fade and peel away. After each shower or whenever a mirror becomes damp and fogged up, give it a good wipe with a dry cloth to remove that moisture from around the frame. Also make sure your bathroom has good ventilation.

Use Microfiber Towels for Dusting

If you have mirrored furniture, sometimes using a damp cloth just won’t work. You don’t want to place that damp rag or product near your furniture. So instead, use a microfiber cloth to remove any particles of dust or smudges. These can work perfectly when a damp cloth simply can’t.

Mirrors are an essential design feature that bring life to your home. Plus, those frames can end up costing a pretty hefty amount. So of course, maintaining them properly is important to get the most out of them. Always be diligent when cleaning mirrors.  Always use a soft cloth when wiping them, and never spray any chemical cleaner directly onto the surface of the mirror. And be sure to keep them nice and dry after those hot showers so that those expensive frames won’t suffer from all of that humidity.

M&T Glass is a leading manufacturer of sandblasted mirrors, wall mirrors, and bathroom mirrors, all produced right here at our local Ottawa glass shop. Whether you want to custom order a new mirror or just want maintenance tips for your bathroom mirror, give us a call!



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