Why Everyone is Talking About Our Glass Cleaner

M&T glass cleaner

Chances are that if you’ve ever had to clean glass (who hasn’t?) you’ve had to endure that intense, blue spray. It seems to be what many people still rely on, not because they love it, but because it’s the easiest one to grab and go at the store. But as you spray that bold blue colour along your glass and mirrors, what you may not realize is that solution contains a great deal of ammonia. And as that ammonia trickles down that mirror and onto your frames or furniture, it can cause damage over time.

That’s why here at M&T Glass, we’ve created our very own glass cleaner product that you can use freely without having to worry about your furniture (or have to endure that potent smell). And since we specialize in glass products, there’s no better way to trust your glass cleaner than through a company that knows glass as “clearly” as we do. It’s no wonder why everyone’s talking about our glass cleaner!

Why M&T Glass Cleaner?

First and foremost, it’s ammonia free. That means that it is versatile when it comes to cleaning a multitude of glass surfaces. So whether it’s your shower door, patio door, windows, coffee table, or even car windows, this product will be the only one that you will need.

It’s Durable and Strong

This glass cleaner consists of a foam solution that is designed to cut through tough and stubborn scum, smudges, and grime. That’s what makes it so effective for areas such as the shower. Unlike the traditional liquefied spray, this foam solution will cling to any vertical surface and work immediately at penetrating through that dirt. And once you begin to wipe it away, all you’re left with is a shiny, clear surface without the leftover streaks and film.

Gentle on your Nose and Furniture

Aside from the quality, one of the best benefits of this product is that it was developed by glass experts. So we know more than anyone how irritating those intense scents can be on your nose. That’s why we’ve created ours with a gentle, subtle floral scent that is fresh and will leave your furniture and your nose, happy.

So ditch that harsh blue cleaner and opt for a product that was designed by experts in the glass industry. Try M&T Glass cleaner once and we guarantee you’ll never go back to the blue stuff again.



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