How to Turn Your Windows into Christmas Decorations

frosted glass with snowflake pattern

Ever wonder how certain homes and storefronts get stunning Christmas designs etched into their windows? It’s through a process called sandblasting that creates a “frosted-like” appearance to any glass surface. If you love this rich textured appearance, you can visit us at M&T Glass, and we’ll create just about any Christmas design you’d like on […]

3 Ways Business Can Use Sandblasting to Elevate their Aesthetic

3 Ways Business Can Use Sandblasting to Elevate their Aesthetic

Have you been looking for a way to improve the aesthetics in your office or storefront? Sandblasting could be just what you need! This advanced process is used to provide rich textures to glass with unique designs while enhancing privacy, no matter where the glass surface is placed. Learn more about the ways businesses can […]

What Glass Can and Can’t You Sandblast?

What Glass Can and Can’t You Sandblast?

When it comes to glass, there is nothing we can’t sandblast. At M&T Glass, we offer custom sandblasting services for a number of mediums, like commercial glass, decorative glass, mirrors, shower enclosures, glass cabinetry, and many other applications. If you’ve been curious about this process, let us show you what sandblasting can do! Create Custom […]

When do People use Sealed Glass Units?

sealed glass unit

Sealed units are more popular than ever when it comes to window designs thanks to their efficiency at preventing drafts. But when do people use sealed glass units and does it make sense for your home? Learn more about this style of glass design below. What Is A Sealed Glass Unit? A sealed glass unit, […]

Why Glass Storefronts Are The Way to Go

why glass storefronts are the way to go

The storefront of any business is one of the most crucial elements for attracting customers since it’s the first impression they get. And when you own a storefront, you only have a few split seconds to capture the attention of people passing by. But when they take that first glance and are unable to see […]


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