How to Turn Your Windows into Christmas Decorations

frosted glass with snowflake pattern

Ever wonder how certain homes and storefronts get stunning Christmas designs etched into their windows? It’s through a process called sandblasting that creates a “frosted-like” appearance to any glass surface. If you love this rich textured appearance, you can visit us at M&T Glass, and we’ll create just about any Christmas design you’d like on your windows. If the idea of sandblasting is too permanent for you, we also offer vinyl frosting that can easily be removed. Here’s more on how both processes can turn your windows into Christmas decorations.

Create any Christmas Design Imaginable with Sandblasting

If you’re eager to spice up the look of your living room window this holiday season with a beautiful Christmas scene, we can easily add some life-like designs to your glass. No matter what glass surface you choose to decorate — front windows, bedroom windows, door glass, or front halls — we can etch a design of your choice to show off your festive spirit. We can even create a frosted Christmas scene to add a little more privacy to any window in your home or business.

What’s brilliant about sandblasting is that it can be easily customized. We can literally create any Christmas or holiday design that you can possibly think of. If you would like a three-dimensional nativity scene, for instance, we can add various depths in the glass for a more eye-catching effect. Because sandblasting is just like drawing on glass, we can make any holiday design that you come up with.

Removable Vinyl Frosting Effect for Your Windows

If you’re looking for a less permanent option than sandblasting, vinyl frosting is the perfect alternative. Unlike sandblasting, vinyl frosting is quick and easy to fix to your existing glass and can easily be removed afterwards. It’s also cost-effective and will even offer some insulation benefits to your home. This is available in a variety of colours to make your Christmas decorations pop! Best of all, we can easily customize any vinyl frosting design that you have to decorate your windows and glass panels.

When you’re ready to take your glass surfaces to a whole new level with a festive, customized design to your windows, M&T Glass can help you get the exact look you desire. Come visit us at our shop today to see some examples and to learn more about our services!



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