What Glass Can and Can’t You Sandblast?

What Glass Can and Can’t You Sandblast?

When it comes to glass, there is nothing we can’t sandblast. At M&T Glass, we offer custom sandblasting services for a number of mediums, like commercial glass, decorative glass, mirrors, shower enclosures, glass cabinetry, and many other applications. If you’ve been curious about this process, let us show you what sandblasting can do!

Create Custom Designs

Sandblasting is a process in which an abrasive medium is mixed with compressed air and then shot at high speeds across the surface of a material, like glass, to create a pattern. In fact, it can be used to create any design that you could possibly think of, as sandblasting is similar to drawing on glass. Our glass professionals can create life-like scenes, horizontal lines, waves, a family crest — the options are endless. To get the desired effect, the kind of medium used to blast the surface is carefully chosen to ensure the surface of the material can withstand the force and come out looking exactly as planned.

Enhance the Look

Ever wonder how businesses get their logos etched into the glass? It’s sandblasting! Once completed, the sandblasting process completely transforms the clear glass into an ultra-rich textured look.

Add More Privacy

If you’re looking to create more privacy in a bathroom, boardroom, or between two separate rooms, sandblasting can create as much discretion as you need. By adding some beautiful art or a full frosted appearance, you can blur out any details of the object behind the glass, creating more privacy using any glass surface.

Reduce Sunlight

You can even use sandblasting to limit the amount of natural light that enters a room. It won’t completely block out the sunlight, but it will reflect it, restricting the UV rays. Since the rays can’t penetrate through the glass, you can also regulate the indoor temperature more easily, keeping it cooler in the summer.

At M&T Glass, we offer custom sandblasting for our customers and are excited to tell you more about this fascinating process. If you want to customize your window glass to enhance the look, block the sunlight, add more privacy or just to give a customized look to your home, we can help! Contact us today to learn more about our process and how you can switch to sandblasted glass today.



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