Why Choose Sandblasted Glass?

Why Choose Sandblasted Glass?

Whether it’s for an office partition, window, shower enclosure, or door, sandblasted glass is becoming an increasingly popular choice in design. For the home or office environment, it provides the perfect balance between transparency and privacy, all-in-one. Here’s how sandblasted glass can benefit your design.

Provides Privacy

When you want an open-style design that provides you with the right amount of privacy, sandblasted glass can give you exactly that. Since the surface of the glass is sprayed with an abrasive media at high pressure, it produces a frosted-like surface that in essence, blurs out any details of figures behind it. So what you may see are shapes and shadows of objects or people, but nothing more.

Brightens a Room

For partition walls, this material and design is the perfect fit for substituting solid, impervious walls that provide the same function but with the added benefit of a brightened surface. Since the material is still glass, its reflective nature allows light to brighten up a space rather than darken it.

Saves on Energy

Although sandblasted glass is still reflective enough to brighten a room, since the surface level is frosted, the reflective nature of it is diffused. That means when light shines on the glass, there aren’t any intense rays penetrating through and heating up the area or room. So during those hot summers months, you can maintain a cooler internal temperature while savings on those energy bills.

Customized Designs

This style of glass design has drastically improved over the years. Now, you can choose from a wide variety of custom designs to tailor the look to your specific needs. The translucent etched glass can be tailored with creative designs or patterns to bring that touch of extra flair and artistic design to any space.

Increases Property Value

From office space layouts to interior homes, sandblasted glass can increase the property value of the design with the combination of benefits that it provides. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, those energy savings, diffused light, and added privacy are all factors that bump up the value of a property.

If you’re in the market for that perfect shower door, partition wall, or glass door that will provide that perfect balance between privacy, openness, aesthetic appeal and reduce energy bills – sandblasted glass is the perfect choice. Contact M&T Glass today to help get your customized design started.



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