The Benefits of Having a Window in Your Office or Workspace

a man in the work place staring out a window

Do you find that you often feel tired or sluggish at work? Well if you work in a darkened workspace with little to no access to a window with natural light, this could be impacting your energy levels, your mental clarity and your productivity. If you’re self-employed and have claimed a room in your home as your designated workspace without a window, or if you own a business and are underutilizing the natural light and layout of your office space, here are some important reasons for why you should switch up your office concept to take advantage of the benefits that a window can produce to workplace productivity.

It Can Help Boost Energy Levels During the Day

We’ve all experienced those days where you just can’t seem to shake your exhaustion, and your eyelids feel ten times heavier just to keep open. Having low levels of energy and feeling sluggish throughout the day can be an attributing factor to having little exposure to a window with natural light. It might sound outlandish, but a study conducted in the Netherlands found that when people were exposed to more daylight during their workday day, they reported feeling more energetic and less sleepy. This in turn, allows employees to focus, shake off mental fog, and get down to business.

It Can Help Reduce Job-Related Stress

Stress and work often go hand-in-hand. And dealing with stress throughout the workweek can be taxing to handle. But being simply placed near a window can help. Researchers from Turkey found that nurses who experienced 3 or more hours of daylight each day felt less stressed at work, and even more satisfied with their job. So with the addition of a window, you can help reduce the effects and intensity of stress levels.

It Can Improve Overall Levels of Happiness

Beyond the improvement in our energy levels and reduction of stress, adding a plant near the window sill and being able to gaze outside with the sunshine beaming in has shown to dramatically enhance the levels of happiness in workers – to over 80 percent! – according to a study from Texas State University.

If you and your workspace have been left in the dark, consider ways that you can alter the layout and design to incorporate a window and more natural light. The benefits that this simple addition can have on mood, stress, productivity, and happiness among employees is well worth it.



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