Stay Ahead of Spring Window Leaks This Year

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Air and water leaks are a common occurrence in many homes and can easily occur over the years with enough wear and tear from constant exposure to the weather elements. But staying ahead of any window leaks this spring can be easier than you think. It can also save you a lot of money by being proactive and maintaining your windows. Here’s what to do:

Test for Leaks

You should first test your window for leaks by using an incense stick or candle near all the connections of where the window meets the frame and where the frame meets the wall. If the smoke begins to flicker, you will know there is an air leak that needs addressing. Water leaks on the other hand, are more obvious and will be indicated when water builds up or drips around the frame. Brown, circular marks along the ceilings and walls also signify potential leaks throughout your home.

Ensure Proper Sealant

Every spring it is wise to do a quick overall inspection of the sealant around your window frames and fixtures. If you notice sealant is starting to peel away, you can easily purchase foam sealant that can be used between the frame of the window and the frame of your house.

Re-Caulk the Gaps

To prevent any reoccurring leaks, each year you should use a polyurethane caulk to seal all the gaps between the window trim and where it meets the exterior siding.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Leaks in your windows can also occur when the weatherstripping begins to wear down. Most hardware stores offer replacement weatherstripping in rolls that can be easily fastened. You may need to use an adhesive solvent to remove the old stripping first before replacing it.

New Windows

If your window leaks continue or you are experiencing ongoing degradation to the window fixtures it may be time this spring to completely replace your windows with new energy efficient models. Newer models are durable and have efficient sealants to prevent air and water leaks from occurring.

Stay ahead of spring window leaks this year by monitoring the condition of your windows. You can use these tips to test for leaks, and apply the necessary repairs to reseal any vulnerable areas. Alternatively, replacement windows might be necessary if the windows are old and extremely weathered. You can contact us at M&T Glass for all of your window-related inquiries, including replacement services and installation.



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