Why Replace When You Can Economically Repair Glass?

Cracked glass

Does your kitchen window have a crack? Have the edges of your bathroom mirror started to blacken? Does your patio door stick? Has the crank on your living room window fallen off? No matter the issue, as a homeowner you have three options: learn to live with the damage, replace the entire unit altogether, or simply repair the damaged section. It’s easy to see why repair is the preferred option!

Timing is Crucial

If you let your damaged window, door, or mirror sit for days, weeks, months, or even years without repair, it’s likely that the situation will continue to deteriorate. There’s nothing more frustrating than realizing that what once was a simple and cost-effective fix will now costs hundreds of even thousands in replacement costs because you didn’t act fast. Dirt and particles can work their way into crack over time, causing further damage and affecting the integrity of the unit. If you are missing hardware, something as simple as a $2 replacement part could save you a ton of money versus having to replace the whole window. Act fast, and you’d be surprised what affordable repair and replacement options are available to you.

Trust the Experts

When you hire a repair company you can trust, it’s easy to believe in the recommendations of their glass repair technicians. Read reviews, ask around, and trust your instincts. If the technician says that the unit must be replaced and can demonstrate his/her reasoning, then it’s wise to follow through. This is typically a safety or security issue. Often, however, technicians are more than happy to find an economical repair option if it’s available to you. We have the largest selection of hardware in all of Ottawa, and if we don’t have it in store, we’ll do everything possible to locate it for you. That’s a lot better than having to replace an entire unit because a millimetre-wide part is broken or missing!

Cost Factor

It goes without saying that unless your home happens to have priceless stained-glass windows imported from a 14th century European cathedral, the cost of repair is going to be far easier on the wallet than the cost of replacement. At the same time, if you have old windows that have rotten frames or that are not energy efficient, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade as you will save more money in the long term. But in most cases, a simple repair job or hardware replacement will be all you need to get your windows, doors, and mirrors working like new!

M&T Glass is Ottawa’s preferred choice for window repair, door repair, mirror repair, glass repair, and sealed unit repair. Interested in a free on-site estimate? Just sent us a photo or video of your issue, and we’ll be in touch shortly!



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