Preparing Your Windows for the Spring and Summer

Preparing Your Windows for the Spring and Summer

It’s that time of year again – home maintenance time! As the spring weather finally rolls in after the seemingly never-ending winter, homeowners are eager to grab their buckets of water to get their windows sparkling and summer-ready. Aside from scrubbing away the caked on dirt and grime that’s left over, there are a few other key maintenance essentials to add to your list when preparing your windows for the spring and summer months. Check them out below!


Cleaning the Window & Frame Properly


After gazing through grimy windows all winter season, it can feel incredibly satisfying when you can finally get at them with some much-needed soap and water! But to save yourself time and aggravation, make sure you’re using the right methods for an easy and effective clean. Here’s what to do:


  •    Ditch the toxic window cleaners and stick with a simple solution of warm water mixed with a little bit of dish soap. There’s no need to go crazy with the soap either – a few drops will do the trick.
  •    Keep a damp cloth on hand to catch and wipe up any drips as you go. Letting the water trickle down can stain the frames and cause moisture damage if it’s left there long enough.
  •    Use a squeegee instead of a sponge, but keep one on hand as well in case there are any stubborn spots that could use a scrub. When using the squeegee, use it in an “s” like motion and wipe the glass clean afterwards with a dry, microfiber cloth.
  •    Wipe again to make sure the frame and window sill are dry.


Clean Out Window Tracks


Before you put that bucket away, you’ll need to give the window tracks a good cleaning since dirt and debris can easily accumulate here and impact their performance. Use a cloth or sponge to get into the crevices and clear them out.


Inspect for Damage


Now that you can clearly see through your windows, it’s a good time to give them a thorough look over to pinpoint any potential signs of damage. Having any minor issues repaired now can save you a lot of money and aggravation down the road if it’s ignored and left to withstand another winter. So carefully look for any cracked or broken frames, wood rot, pests, or problems with the actual window. If a repair or replacement is needed, now is the perfect time to address it.


Avoid Pressure Washing


Pressure washing can be handy at times when there’s stubborn grime that you can’t reach on higher windows. But that level of pressure can also end up damaging your windows, especially if the frame is made from timber. If possible, use an extended squeegee or hire a window cleaner.


Replace Any Cracked Window Glass


Cracked glass can be a serious matter, even if the crack seems minor. Once a crack forms, it can impact the entire performance of the window, allowing air to seep in and out. This will affect your comfort levels and your energy bills, which is why it should always be repaired or replaced. When you’re contemplating the best time to tackle this, the springtime is ideal. You can take advantage of the warmer weather and get your windows fixed now before the summer arrives. When you have family BBQs and weekend getaways planned, finding time during the summer rush can be very difficult to swing. So get any improvements that you need to be done now before the busy summer season kicks off.


Repair Locks and Hinges


After the winter, excess moisture and freezing cold temperatures can impact the hardware of your windows, like the locks and hinges. These can become stiff and difficult to operate come spring, which is why it’s important to keep them lubricated. You can use a silicone spray or even a coat of beeswax.


Clean or Replace Weatherstripping


The weatherstripping is what reinforces the seal of your windows. So once it starts to wear down, it should be replaced. Alternatively, if it’s looking okay, just give it a good cleaning with some soap and water to remove any dirt and debris.


When it comes to any glass-related repairs or replacements that you need – including your windows – give us a call at M&T Glass. Our team of glass experts are here to help!



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