Custom Shower for Your Master Bath Reno

custom shower for your master bath reno

The bathroom is an area where you can really add some luxury features to create an area of indulgence. When it comes to renovating the master bathroom, you should take some serious consideration as to what to include in the design in order to create your own private space to enjoy. The shower is one of the main features that you can really focus on to enhance the space. Plus, it’s a great project to undertake that will be guaranteed to boost your resale value if you ever decide to move.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some ideas to consider for a luxurious, custom shower in your master bathroom.

Floor-to-Ceiling Coverage

When creating your shower space, using floor-to-ceiling coverage for tiling creates a stunning, sleek, and modern finish. You can select from a variety of designs and materials, such as marble with a combination of river stone borders, ceramic, porcelain, or granite.

Walk-In Showers

With water conservation becoming more of a pressing issue, bathtubs are becoming increasingly left out of the equation, making way for shower designs that are larger and more elaborate. Walk-in showers for example, provide that perfect alternative. With the use of glass walls to contain the shower area, it opens up the bathroom space by providing the illusion of more light and room. Glass enclosures also allow custom tiling to be much more visible in the overall design.

Customize the Showerhead

There are so many different designs when it comes to the showerhead – it’s an area where you can truly let that touch of luxury shine. For example, you could consider having a rain showerhead installed to mimic the soothing qualities of a rainfall, or you can choose a multi-function showerhead on the other hand, which can be adjusted to provide a range of intensities, from calming mist to blasting streams of water.

Additional Features

These days, when it comes to remodeling, only your imagination (and your budget) can limit you. There are so many elements that you can incorporate throughout the shower to take it above and beyond your expectations. For example:

  • You can have digital shower controls installed, which allow individuals to set and save their preferable shower settings
  • You can add in grab bars and a seat to accommodate elderly parents or family members with mobility issues
  • You could even have a speaker system installed that can be tucked away, out of sight that’s designed to endure a wet environment so you can enjoy some tunes as you scrub away.

When it comes to bathroom renos, the options are endless. But the shower is a focal part of the design that can truly set your bathroom space apart. Get inspired to customize your master bathroom shower with some of these design ideas.



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