Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors in Ottawa: Saving Tips

No one wants to watch their hard-earned money vanish into thin air, especially when it comes to heating or cooling a home. Non-insulated windows and doors can be prime culprits, as they create pesky air leaks that challenge your home’s temperature stability. As a result, your thermostat is forced to labor harder, and your electricity bills soar. This is precisely why many homeowners in Ottawa opt to replace their old, drafty windows and doors with energy-efficient alternatives. Over time, you’ll discover that investing in new windows and doors in Ottawa can pay off significantly in energy cost savings. If you’re considering replacements, here are some essential factors to keep in mind.


Doors not only serve as the primary entrance to your home but also stand out as one of the weakest links in terms of energy efficiency. Air constantly finds its way in through poorly sealed doors, wreaking havoc on your home’s temperature control. Here are some energy-efficient door options to consider when it’s time for a replacement:

1. Fibreglass Doors: Opt for fibreglass entry doors with a woodgrain finish as they offer an excellent choice. They provide the appearance of traditional wooden doors while delivering up to four times the energy efficiency. These doors are resilient, resistant to warping, cracking, bowing, or denting. Moreover, they provide exceptional thermal and moisture protection. Some are even available with triple-pane windows, offering even more insulation.

2. Energy-Saving Glass Infills: Traditional patio doors with single panes of glass tend to be poor insulators. More recent alternatives feature fibreglass or metal frames with a plastic insulator between the inner and outer sections of the frame. You can also opt for triple-pane glass with low-conductivity gas, such as argon. Many glass panes come with built-in UV protection.

3. Swinging Doors: When possible, swinging doors are a better choice compared to sliding doors, as they provide better seals. However, if your design only allows for sliding doors, selecting one fixed panel is more energy-efficient than having two sliding doors.

4. Storm Doors: To boost protection between your home and the outdoors, consider adding a storm door. This addition allows for more versatility since you can leave the interior door open, inviting sunlight into your foyer. Look for a storm door with a panel that can be opened to let fresh air flow through your home.


Windows in Ottawa are another critical area for potential air leakage. Poorly insulated, single-paned windows with subpar frames can significantly contribute to inflated energy bills. Here are some energy-efficient options for window upgrades:

1. Multi-Paned Glass: The efficiency of a window increases with multiple panes of glass. Opt for double or triple-paned windows with Low-E coatings and gas fill (argon or krypton) between the panes for even more benefits.

2. Insulated Frames: Choose frames made from materials like fibreglass, vinyl, or wood to improve insulation. Vinyl window frames, in particular, offer great value for your investment, boasting a wide variety of styles and designs to match both the exterior architecture and interior design of your home. Some frames even come with additional built-in insulation.

While the installation of new doors and windows can be a DIY project, it’s typically best left to professionals. An experienced installer can ensure that your doors and windows are snugly in place, with frames and joints airtight to minimize air leaks. They can also handle measurements and custom installation, especially if adjustments are needed for openings or if balance issues arise.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency with Your Windows and Doors in Ottawa with M&T Glass

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