Why You Deserve a Custom Glass Shower

Glass Shower

Imagine having your very own custom glass shower, something worthy of the pages of Architectural Digest magazine. Every last detail can be customized by you, with help from a knowledgeable design team. Well with M&T Glass custom shower designs, now you can. Your dream of stepping into that perfect oasis can become your reality.

Whether it’s bath or shower, you get to decide each and every portion of the design that you want. The professional and quality standards here always ensure that you can get that dream design you’ve been longing for.

Custom Shower Enclosure Options

For the glass shower, each shower is custom fitted for your space with top quality materials, including 10mm clear tempered glass. It doesn’t matter if you are designing a master bathroom from scratch, or simply upgrading from a builder-grade shower stall to something breathtaking.

We manufacture our custom shower doors with 10mm clear tempered glass of the highest quality. If you prefer an extra bit of privacy and ambiance, you also have the option of selection of choosing frosted class or patterned “rain” glass.

The fixtures are where you get to have some fun. If it’s a giant rain showerhead you’ve got your eye on, or a variety of certain fixtures, our experts can help you select what may suit your space and design best. We provide all of the hardware – from channel, hinges, pivots, and handles – which you can select from a variety of finishes to best suit your design and aesthetics. So if it’s a bright, shiny, contemporary look you’re going for, or if it’s that old, classic charm – we’ve got it. Our hardware partner is CRL of Canada, a worldwide leader in durable, beautiful shower and bath hardware and accessories.

You Deserve Relaxation

After a long hard day at the office, it’s important to have time for yourself to relax. But finding that space and time for yourself isn’t always as easy. Well with your new custom-made glass shower, you can finally have your own little oasis that allows you to relax and enjoy the soothing properties of a warm bath or hot shower.

When you get involved in customizing a design, you feel proud to own it, which makes you all the more likely to ensure that you carve time out of your day to bask in the luxury of your new design. So whether you’ve been considering replacing your old shower with a new, modern upgrade, or want that perfect finishing touch for your bathroom remodel project, the professionals at M&T Glass are here to help during every step of the process.

So stop dreaming about having a custom designed shower. Talk to our experts to get any information you may need. Just give us a call at (613) 745-7158 or get in touch – we’re here to help!



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