Why Your Business Needs a Glass Storefront

Why Your Business Needs a Glass Storefront

With the rise of online shopping venues for customers, having a storefront can be a challenging business venture to maintain. Take advantage of the storefront nature of retail location to enjoy some of the benefits that an online store can never offer. Here are some reasons why your business would benefit from a glass storefront.

Unlimited Advertising with Product Displays

Advertising is expensive. If you have products for sale, why not have them constantly on display even when you are not open for business? This gives shoppers the opportunity to window shop and check out what you have to offer so they can create their wish list.

Business Transparency

Customers like to know what they are getting when it comes to businesses. Having a glass storefront gives your business complete transparency. Customers always know what is going on inside the store. It’s a great metaphor for transparency in other areas of operation like customer service, warranty fulfillment, and more.

Natural Light Boosts Moods of Customers and Staff

If you are lucky enough to have a storefront that faces the outdoors, you get the added bonus of having natural light flood into your store. If you are cooped up indoors with little to no natural light, things can seem pretty bleak and time can drag on for hours. Natural light is an instant mood booster and will result in happier customers and happier staff, which will naturally lead to higher sales.

Increased Security due to Complete Visibility

When you have a storefront you always run the risk of falling victim to shoplifting. It is unfortunately something that will affect inventory at some point, however by having a glass storefront you increase visibility in your store and make it harder for people to steal your products. Whether that be a break in at night or during business hours, making stealing more difficult by having complete visibility is a good investment in your business.

Save Energy on Heating from Natural Light

Natural light is not only a mood booster but it is also a heat booster! In the colder months when heating bills can be difficult to manage, having a glass storefront allows for the hot sun to pour into your store and naturally heat the place up. The amount you will save on your energy bills will be money that you can put right back into your business!

Glass storefronts may not be for every company, but for most they can provide an excellent opportunity to help grow the business and increase productivity. Contact M&T Glass for all of your glass storefront needs. Whether you want to install a new window or need emergency commercial glass repair, we’re here for you!



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