The Benefits of a Storm Door

The Benefits of a Storm Door

That screen door on your neighbour’s front entranceway does more than just allow extra ventilation. Believe it or not, a storm door can actually raise your property value, and that’s not all! The benefits of a storm door are vast, and here we show you why your next home purchase should be a screen for your front door.

Enhances Your Security

Believe it or not, but a storm door can help enhance the security of your home. The front door is a common point of entry for burglars, and with that extra barrier for them to deal with, it can be enough to deter them from targeting your home.

Protects Your Entry Door

Your front door is susceptible to all the extreme weather elements. So why not give it a little more protection from all the rain, wind, ice, and snow? By installing a storm door, you can keep your front door in good condition, which will save you from having to spend money replacing it well before you should.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Most people know how durable storm doors are, but they often are unaware of how great they are for improving energy efficiency as well. Storm doors come with glass that has a low-emissivity coating. This coating can help prevent the internal temperature of your home from being impacted by the temperature outside, providing you with big savings on your energy bills.

Adds More Comfort

The screen on storm doors can also improve the level of comfort in your home. You won’t have to suffer with a stuffy home. The screen can be easily opened to allow hot air out or left closed to keep warm air in so you can get the optimal temperature you desire.

Keeps Pests Out

One of the benefits of a storm door you will truly enjoy is the ability to keep pests out of your home while you ventilate it. So you don’t have to worry about letting those pesky mosquitos and bugs inside while you air out your home.

Increases Home Value

When you’re looking to sell, adding a storm door can increase the value of your home and land you a better price on the sale. Plus, it’s a great return on investment because it doesn’t cost a whole lot to put in but it greatly improves the aesthetics, comfort, energy efficiency, and safety of your home – which are all important factors that homebuyers are looking for when shopping for a house.

As you can see, storm doors provide a great array of benefits to your home. Whenever you need a new storm door or are in need of a screen repair, M&T Glass is here to help!



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