7 Ways to Use Glass Features to Enhance Your Kitchen

7 Ways to Use Glass Features to Enhance Your Kitchen

It doesn’t matter if it’s the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or kitchen — when it comes to any home design, the materials that you use really make all the difference. If your kitchen is due for an upgrade, one element that can really enhance the look of it is glass. Aside from it having that crisp, modern, and polished look, it also adds depth and texture while brightening any dark areas. By reflecting the natural light from any nearby windows, glass features can create the illusion of more space, especially in smaller layouts. Learn more below about how to use glass features to enhance your kitchen and why it’s such a popular trend among homeowners today.

Add it to Your Cabinetry

Want to add in some glass to your kitchen, but not sure where or how? Your cabinetry is a great option. Swapping out solid cabinet doors on top of your countertops has become one of the hottest trends among homeowners today when remodelling their kitchen. Using clear, etched, or even textured glass panes can enhance the look of your entire kitchen by showing off your dinnerware, wine glasses, or other items in an elegant way. You can also take it a step further by installing a light underneath or inside your cabinets to illuminate them and add more visual appeal to your design.

Glass Breakfast Bar

Already have a sit-up counter in your kitchen design? Why not add a second-tiered glass counter on top to create a functional breakfast bar or an additional ledge that’s discreet and practical? This can provide more countertop space in your kitchen without taking up any extra room or weighing down your current design.

Glass Kitchen Tables

Glass tables are sleek, modern, and an excellent addition for brightening darker kitchens, especially in smaller layouts. Something as simple as a glass tabletop can invite in a little extra sparkle without taking up much space at all.

Glass Backsplash

Want to create something unique along your backsplash? You can quickly achieve this by using glass tiles along the top of your countertops to protect the walls while adding some colour or eye-catching texture to the mix. There are all sorts of interesting designs that will go perfectly with your kitchen style and preference.

Glass Dividers

If you’re looking to break up your open floor plan a little, a glass divider can do just the trick. With slightly tinted, patterned, or even a frosted texture, glass can create the perfect division between the kitchen and dining room area without boxing in either space. Since the days of eating in separate enclosed dining rooms are long gone, this is an excellent way to modernize your kitchen design.

Glass Lighting Fixtures

Often, it’s the little touches that can really make all the difference. When you’re wondering how to spruce up the look of your kitchen in a simple, easy swoop, glass lighting fixtures are an excellent way to enhance your space. If you’re not sure of what will look best in your kitchen, browse through interior design magazines or online design websites to get an idea of what others have done with their space. This is one of the best ways to get inspired and learn how to mix and combine different materials and concepts together. Glass pendant lights, table lamps, or even chandeliers are all popular options that can instantly lend more pizzazz while brightening up your layout.

Glass Kitchen Island

To spice up the look of your kitchen, consider switching out your island countertop for a stunning glass piece instead. Aside from having so many creative styles and designs to implement, the versatility of glass also makes it an excellent choice since it will match with just about any other material, including wood, metal, and much more. With the kitchen island being the main focal point of the room, adding a unique glass counter to it will take your entire design to a whole new level.

The reality is there are so many different, creative ways to use glass features to enhance your kitchen design. Whether your space is big or small, the sleek, modern, reflective, and versatile nature of this material has made it a favourite choice among interior designers and homeowners for years. When you’re ready to take on your kitchen remodel with some eye-catching glass features, contact us at M&T Glass. We are the go-to Ottawa experts and can assist you with all of your glass-related needs.



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