5 Tips to Keep Out those Chilly December Drafts

5 Tips to Keep Out those Chilly December Drafts

Even if you don’t mind throwing on an extra layer at home to keep warm, drafts can still leave you with a hefty heating bill at the end of each winter month. And windows can account for almost 30% of heat loss in your home! Improve your comfort and avoid paying more on your energy bills this year by using these quick tips to keep out those chilly December drafts.

Re-Seal and Caulk Around Your Windows

Air leaks around windows and doors are the most common source of drafts. So start by going straight to the source. If there’s old caulking already around your windows joints, remove it first and then apply a new layer to help seal up any air leaks.

Apply Weather Stripping to Movable Window Parts

Caulking is best to use around the joints of windows that can’t be opened. However, for parts that do open, apply weather stripping instead. There are a few different types of weather stripping that are more suitable for certain windows and your application skills than others. So make sure to speak with an expert at your local hardware store to determine the best one for your needs.

Replace Old Windows

If your windows are still allowing the colder air inside, even with caulking and weather stripping, it may be time to replace them. Although it’s more costly and aggravating to even think about, old windows with faulty seals or cracked and weathered parts will force your HVAC system to work twice as hard to keep your home warm. This will drastically impact your heating bills, forcing you to pay a lot more each month. Replacing them with new, low-e, energy-efficient models can end up saving you significantly over the long-term.

Install Thermal Curtains

If your budget is tight and replacing your windows just isn’t feasible at the moment, another simple method to try is hanging thermal curtains. These can benefit you in all seasons since they help keep the warm air inside during winter and prevent the sun from entering your home in the summer. This will keep your interior more comfortable and reduce the temperature fluctuations.

Block the Gap Underneath Your Front Door

If there’s a sizeable gap underneath your front or hallway door, this is likely contributing to your chilly home as well. The doors should always fit snug with a door stopper on the bottom to block out drafts. If there isn’t one installed at the bottom of your door, you can purchase a draft stopper at a hardware or home decor store.

Don’t suffer from the winter chill this season. Stay snug and cozy by using these tips to keep out those chilly December drafts. And if you’re considering a window replacement for your home, give us a call! At M&T Glass, our experts will answer any questions you have an help you select the best windows for your home and budget.  



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