5 Surprising Ways to Add Mirrors to Your Decor

a main floor in a house with mirrored closet doors decor and design

Mirrors have been used for centuries as a décor feature to liven up a space. They add light to a room – they revitalize and even allow small spaces to appear open and airy. The versatility of them allows you to incorporate them into any area of design for enhancement or even as a showcase feature. If you’re searching for ways that you can add mirrors into your décor, here are five surprisingly simple ways you can do it.

Wall of Mirrors

Whether it’s a small room or a large one, a great way to add an abundance of openness and light into a space is by going bold: make a wall of mirrors. This may sounds bit extreme, but search for a combination of mirrors in all of shapes and sizes. Then, select one colour to paint each frame. This way, the matching frame colour brings that perfect touch of uniformity to the design. This is a great way to add in a little “wow factor” to your space while brightening it up.


Who doesn’t love a touch of vintage? There’s no better way to add a touch of that old world charm buy combining a few rustic-looking mirrors and frames as a decorative wall piece. Frames can make all the difference in your design, so it’s important that whatever theme you’re going for, you make the appropriate selection. Don’t have ones with old frames? Make a little DIY project and rough up the edges. Get creative!

The Entranceway

If you have an entranceway or hall table, this is a great place to incorporate a little reflective action. Usually a larger mirror tends to work well in an entranceway, but this clearly depends on the location and size of your wall. Place a mirror in your entranceway, coupled with a narrow or round table. Add a touch of colour with a vase of flowers, and voila!

Mantle Mirrors

Hate the idea of having to actually hang all of those mirrors you dream of adding? Well why not ditch the hammer and instead, use either your mantle, or a long, narrow shelf? Find a selection of different sizes and place them leaning along your mantle. To add an extra flare, place a few candles in front of them to really get some reflective magic.

Reflective Window

A great way to open and brighten small spaces without windows is to add a medium to large-size mirror that gives the appearance of a window. You can find these at any of home décor store. They’re a great way to break through that confinement and bring in more light.

Mirrors are one of the best ways to liven up a space and add more light. Use any of these five simple tricks and you’ll be sure to find the right look for your space.

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