Is Your Screen Door Damaged?

Is your screen door damaged?

With the beautiful weather upon us, the natural reaction is to open up the windows and let out the stagnant winter air that has been stuck within the walls of your house for months! There is something very liberating about having a fresh flow through of air breeze through your house on a sunny spring day.

Townhome Screen Doors

For the many people who live in townhouses, achieving this flow through can be difficult as it is common for there not to be windows at the front of the house. This is where a screen door on your front door comes in handy. Even those who do have windows facing the front can benefit from having a screen door affixed to their front door. The screen allows for optimal sunlight to enter the front of the house as well as provides the option for air flow without having to have the front door left wide open.

Screen Door Sizing

Screen doors work best when they are the “perfect fit” for the door frame. And since they are built right into the door frame, replacing them can be a bit of a challenge. If your screen door becomes broken for whatever reason, consider repairing it instead of paying to replace it.

Screen Door Damage

Common problems experienced with screen doors are the screen becoming damaged or torn, allowing bugs open access to your house. It is an easy fix to replace the screen within the screen door and save the frame of the door. Since some screen doors also contain some glass panels, there is always the risk that the glass will break, again exposing your home to the elements, to bugs and possibly lowering the security of your house. If the glass becomes broken in your screen door you should refrain from using the screen door until it has been seen by a professional glass repair company and ensure that the perfect size and fix occurs the first time around.

Having a screen door on your house is a wonderful addition full of function and practicality. Always ensure that your screen door is up to safety standards and do not hesitate to call a professional for any screen door repairs you may require. It’s easier and more cost efficient than replacing the door and repairs can be often done quicker than full installs. Don’t let your spring breeze be stifled due to a malfunctioning screen door! Have the experts at M&T Glass help you enjoy every minute of spring and summer to the fullest.



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