Are Stained Glass Windows Making a Comeback?

a bedroom with stained glass windows

Stained glass is one of the oldest art forms, dating back more than a thousand years. Once deemed only for churches and cathedrals, and then later throughout Victorian style homes, stained glass designs are finally making a comeback yet again in modern designs today. They’re versatile and can be customized to suit any style. Plus, they can provide colour and light to a space while blocking unattractive views.

So if you’ve been wondering whether stained glass windows are making a comeback, the answer is yes! Here are just a few ways how they can enhance the design of your home.

Embellish Simple Spaces

Interior designers are increasingly turning to the beauty of stained glass to embellish the design of homes. Gone are the days where this was reserved for prominent cathedrals and traditional, old-fashioned designs. The simple, unique designs and colour combinations can enhance any space in a home, from the bathroom to the living room.

Extremely Versatile Medium

There are many options today where you can customize the style and design of your stained glass. So whether you’re looking for soft and subtle colour combinations, or a bold an elaborate display – you can find what you’re looking for.

Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways

In light of the versatility of the designs, stained glass is the perfect addition to add a unique flair to a space in so many different ways. Windows are the most common form, but you can also consider stained glass for a room divider, doors, or even a fireplace screen.

Provides Privacy

If you have an area of your home where you could use more privacy or simply want to block an unattractive view without blocking out the light from the window, this is where stained glass can really be a helpful addition. It can provide the privacy you need, while still allowing the light to filter into your home through stunning hues of colour.

Blend Traditional with Modern

Stained glass can blend the concepts of traditional style with a modern edge by incorporating different designs on the glass. For example, more hotels, restaurants and homes are choosing to have geometric patterns intertwined into the glass within window treatments and even lanterns to create the perfect balance of past and present.

Stained glass is without a doubt, making a comeback throughout the design world. By blending this old, traditional art form with updated concepts and modern shapes and palettes, it can be the perfect addition to your individual space.



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