What Is Patterned Glass?

patterned glass door

Patterned glass has been a popular glass material that’s been used for centuries. Known for its embossed decoration, privacy, and stability, it can add a stylish and functional touch to any room or surface. Here’s a little more about what it entails.

How it’s Made

Patterned glass takes time and meticulous attention to detail, so if you were hoping to make it a part of your next DIY project, you might want to hold off on that idea. To make the glass, silica sand, soda, and lime are first melted together in a tank and then fed into a machine. It then gets moved out to the rollers.The distance is set between the rollers, which will determine the thickness of the glass.

As it passes through the rollers, the first roller will be embossed and creates the pattern on the glass, while the other counter-rotates to keep the glass smooth. Once the glass has been cooled, it then gets cut and customized to suit whatever style and size the client desires.


The pattern that gets embossed on to the glass is great for providing the privacy that many homeowners desire. For this reason, it can be installed just about anywhere that needs privacy. In addition to privacy, there is no loss of artificial or natural light, as light can still easily pass through the glass, and if tinted, it creates a beautiful and colourful presentation throughout a space. The patterns, size, shape, and depth are what determine the degree and course of the reflection of light.

Where can you place patterned glass?

Patterned glass is excellent for windows in your home but it can also be applied to other surfaces. It is most commonly used on bathroom shower doors, floor panels, interior partitions, patio furniture, shelves, kitchen backsplash, lampshades, tables, privacy walls, and doors.  While some are used solely for privacy, others are for decorative purposes.

Patterned glass has become increasingly popular amongst homeowners and a favourite element for interior designers. With the variety of designs and colours available that can be customized to your liking, it can be found not only in homes, but hotels, restaurants, and offices as well. So if you’re in search of adding a unique flair to your décor that will brighten a space while still maintaining privacy, consider patterned glass. It adds the perfect touch of colour and elegance to any space.



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