Upgrade to a Custom Shower

Upgrade to a Custom Shower

We’ve all had it. Everyone has experienced it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s shower envy. When you go to your neighbour’s house for the first time and use their washroom only to notice that they have a brand new shower! Their bathroom looks like it could be out of a showroom from a model home, but how is that possible when your houses were built at the same time? The shower envy sets in and suddenly you can’t think of anything else: how you are going to upgrade your bathroom in order to satisfy your shower envy?

Go with the Pros

The first thing to remember when beginning a bathroom renovation is that it is best left up to the professionals. Look into hiring a professional renovation team to handle all technical aspects of the renovation. It is very easy to quickly get in over your head with electrical and plumbing problems, so start with professionals from the beginning.

Custom Shower Installation

Second thing to remember is that it’s going to become your dream bathroom so why not make it as amazing as possible. Think about having a custom shower installed that is unlike anything you (or your neighbor!) has ever seen before. With so many options to choose from it will be difficult to settle on just one shower. A glass shower has many benefits apart from the obvious stunning visual appeal. A glass shower with the proper hardware is much easier to keep clean than a traditional tub and shower combination. It is easy to wipe down all panels of glass and keep the pristine glimmer of your new bathroom going on for years to come.

Take to the Next Level with Mirrors

The third thing to remember is that the beautiful bathroom transformation doesn’t end with a stunning five-star shower. Continue your style into your choice of bathroom mirror to really tie your bathroom together. Take your time in choosing the right mirror because it will become a focal point for the room. Having the right accent pieces in your bathroom is a fun way to define your space but it also gives the room an element of personalization that you just don’t get from the original builder.

Upgrading your bathroom by installing a custom shower is not only a feel-good project for the homeowners, but it is also the leading cause for shower envy amongst neighbours. Become the talk of the neighborhood by having the most stunning bathroom on the block, and who knows you may just inspire your other neighbors to remodel their own bathrooms. People can only handle shower envy for so long.



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