The Role Decorative Mirrors Play in Interior Design

The Role Decorative Mirrors Play in Interior Design

Have you ever stopped to wonder how an interior designer chooses the perfect decorative mirror to spice up a home or completely transform the look and feel of a room? It’s no easy feat, but with an insider look into the role decorative mirrors play in interior design, you can get a better idea on how designers and architects create these impressive layouts. Here we’ll share with you all the clever ways you can use mirrors around your home.


Enlarge A Room


Designers love using mirrors to enlarge a room visually. All you need to do is place a large mirror on an empty wall in an otherwise smaller space, and it will open the room up. This is a great trick if you live in an apartment or have a small living room space. You can also try placing the mirror across from a window since this will extend your indoor area by reflecting your outdoor space.


Add Light


We all know that windows add light and depth to the interior of a room, but mirrors can also be used to add light into areas that are otherwise dark. Basements, dens, and rooms with deep corners often benefit from a mirror located near a lamp. The light will bounce around the room, even if it comes from a lamp, candle or ceiling light.


Accentuate Hues


Mirrors can also be used to accentuate hues from neighbouring walls. This can create a unique effect when placed near another room of a different colour.


Create Focal Points


Interior designers love using mirrors as a focal point in a room. Bold and colourful framing can draw the eye to the mirror and turn it into the center of attention. If you have an elegant chandelier or art piece you want to show off, position your showcase mirror so that you can see the object no matter where you are in the room.


Add Dramatic Effect


Add a large mirror to any room and you’ll make an instant dramatic effect. A wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors can make a big statement and even transform how the room looks and feels.


Become Pieces of Art


A uniquely shaped mirrors or exquisite frames can be also used as an art piece in a room. A mirror is also less expensive than purchasing a number of high-end art pieces for a wall. You can also try hanging a large mirror if you have a particular room that you don’t have any decent space available for art work.


Add A Vintage Touch


If you own an older century home, adding an 18th or 19th century mirror to a wall can instantly enhance a room and create a historal and elegant look. Pro tip: add a rustic wood finish or baroque frame to add more appeal.


Hide Spots


Some designers even use mirrors to hide objects from view. They will carefully position a mirror to hide wall scratches, foundation cracks, wavy wall areas, and other unsightly blemishes.  


Create Secret Rooms


A mirror can also be attached to a door to create hidden rooms. People on the outside will assume it’s just a mirror but in reality, it acts as a door with a secret room hidden behind.


Float Objects


Architects and designers both have used mirrors to create an illusion of floating objects. Stage a sink for example against a wall of mirrors that hides the piping and it will appear as if it is floating in space.


Display Important Objects


Do you have a rather expensive and beautiful vase that you would like to put on display? Place it in front of a mirror and the reflective backdrop will make it really pop!


Enhance Architectural Features


If you’re attempting to showcase a specific time period or architectural style, a mirror can help you achieve this. Try matching an art deco mirror, French baroque, or Spanish style mirror to a home of the same architectural style.


Add More Functionality


Place a large mirror in your walk-in closet to help enlarge the space while also creating that luxurious boutique-style look. A full-length mirror in a closet, bathroom, or by the front door can be add more function and style at the same time.


Decorative mirrors can add so many different effects to a room which is why they have played such a significant role in interior design over the years. If you would like to try any of the above tricks yourself and are looking for a particular type of glass mirror, come visit us at M&T Glass. We are the glass experts that can help you find or create exactly what you are looking for. Learn more today by visiting us online or at our store in Ottawa!



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