Sliding Glass or French Patio Door?

Sliding Glass or French Patio Door?

A backyard can be your own personal oasis. An escape from the daily grind of life into your own personal getaway where you can relax and recharge your batteries. But why does the beauty of your backyard need to be contained? By having the right back door as an entrance to your yard, you can extend your oasis into your house. Here is a quick look at some possible back door options.

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

A traditional look but extremely effective, glass patio doors allow for optimal sunlight to enter the home and provide unobstructed views of the outdoor space beyond it. Sliding glass patio doors are easy to clean both inside and out. Sliding glass doors are also a great choice when space on the inside of the house is a concern. Since the doors slide to open they don’t require room for a door to swing in order for them to open. Glass sliding patio doors are also very safe and secure. Most come equipped with a locking bar that makes it impossible to open the door from the outside. Although sliding doors provide optimal visibility and functionality, they may lack a bit in the style department.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors are recognizable by their dual opening ability. Having two doors that open into your outdoor space allows for a larger opening making it easy to move furniture, have multiple guests enter and leave the house simultaneously and provide an unobstructed walkway due to there being no track bar from a sliding door. French doors have unlimited style designs for glass patterns which means you can be creative with your choice. In order for French doors to work in your space, you need a large entrance way into the backyard, as the French patio doors will need room to swing open. French doors are excellent if you have a screened off porch area in your backyard. You can simply open the doors and extend your living space to the outdoors when the weather calls for it.

Depending on your personal style and the layout of your home, your back door can be a focal point for your backyard. A back door must provide functionality for your lifestyle while fitting in with the decor of your home. Explore the different back door options that M&T Glass has to offer and discover which will complete your dream backyard, just in time for spring!



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