Repair or Replace?

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When it comes to deciding on whether to repair or replace your window hardware and parts, you need to consider every aspect. You must think along the lines of what hardware brands are best, which supplier to choose, and what options are most cost-effective before you decide. Here we help you decide what’s best for you by looking at everything you need to contemplate when your windows stop performing at their best.



When taking into account the cost factors between repairing or replacing windows, repairing is generally the most cost-effective option. Some repairs may only require basic upgrades like new weather stripping, cranks, or rails. All these items you can pick up at your local window and door hardware specialists and start a DIY project. New windows and parts can cost thousands of dollars, so if you can avoid purchasing a whole new set you can save yourself some good pocket cash.


Project Time

Doing a full home window replacement could a while, depending on the complexity of the job. And if you only need to replace a window or two, many companies won’t contract for a small job. Plus, it will also offset the look and design of your home when the new windows don’t match the rest of your older windows. If you’re looking for quick and simple, repairing your windows is the best route to go.



When it comes to repairs or replacement windows, having a professional team that will help provide support is essential. That’s why it’s incredibly important to talk to experienced industry experts who can guide you every step of the way. When it comes to replacing windows, odds are you won’t be doing it yourself, so you will need to find a reliable and trust worthy contractor that you can trust and rely on.



Regardless of whether you’re replacing or repairing, you should find a supplier who offers a large inventory with everything you need to get the job done. Finding that one-stop-shop can save you countless hours driving around hunting for parts and days waiting on inventory to be shipped. Locating a reliable industry professional who offers a comprehensive selection can help speed along the process and point you in the right direction when it comes to the best brands.

If you’re looking for a professional provider that can help you repair your weathered windows, look no further than M & T Glass, Ottawa’s glass repair specialists. We offer everything you could possibly need when it comes to commercial and residential door and window supplies.  And with years of experience and a dedicated support team, we are committed to helping you get the products and services you need.



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