How Often Should I Clean My Windows and Why

How Often Should I Clean My Windows and Why

Wondering what the appropriate timeframe is to tackle your window cleaning? Well, window grime is definitely not something that’s enjoyable to have to look at. And if you’re a business owner, it can really detract from the overall appearance, cleanliness, and atmosphere of your business.  So to help encourage your window cleanliness, here are some factors to remember when you’re asking yourself how often should the windows be cleaned and why.

Benefits Of Clean Windows

Windows are a big deal for any design – whether it’s at home or your business storefront. They attract attention whether good or bad. Aside from dirty windows looking dull and depressing, they also represent how well space is taken care of. Imagine walking by a home with clean, glistening windows. Chances are you’d get the immediate impression that the homeowner really takes good care of their home.

On the other hand, walking by a home or business with a big, grimy window that you can barely see into can deliver the exact opposite impression – uncared for and dirty. So if you’re ever searching for a good reason to get out the squeegee, remember the type of impression you want to leave.

Clean windows also allow more natural light to filter inside, which can instantly lift the appearance and the atmosphere inside. Dirt and smudges can limit the ability for light to penetrate inside. But routine cleaning will allow you to take full advantage of that glorious sunshine.

How Frequently Should Windows Be Cleaned?

The frequency that you should clean the windows will depend on the weather and of course your personal preference. But as a general rule of thumb, aim to give them a cleaning at least once a month for the home. Sometimes, it may require more frequent cleaning depending on your location. But if you do own a business, keeping them clean whenever dirty – even once a week – may be necessary.

Tips For Cleaning

When you clean the windows, aim to do it in the morning or evening time when the windows are not in direct sunlight. The sunlight can dry out the liquid you’re using quickly, leaving marks behind. Using a squeegee and a bucket of soap and water is usually good enough to do the trick and get that glass shining.

Whether it’s a home or business, having clean windows makes a difference. Regular cleaning will keep them glistening, prolong their lifespan and give your space a positive and welcoming impression.



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