Why You Should Have Your New Windows Installed in the Spring

Why You Should Have Your New Windows Installed in the Spring

Wondering when the best time of year is to get your new windows installed?  When the snow begins to melt, the springtime offers the perfect times to get your windows replaced. The favourable weather conditions, along with the extra hours of daylight during this season makes for a much more efficient and faster installation. If you’re not yet convinced, read further as we show you why you should have your new windows installed in the spring.

Better Weather

When you have windows installed in the springtime, you don’t have to worry about cold air blasting through your home, putting stress on your HVAC system to pump more heat. Instead, you can enjoy a more favourable climate when your windows are being replaced, that won’t affect your comfort level or your utility bill.

Less Damage And Mess

With a spring installation, you won’t have to worry about snow blowing inside your home leaving behind moisture that can cause damage to your wood and furniture. You can also avoid the brutal cleanup that comes with winter slush, salt, and mud that can stain your tiling and ruin your carpets. In the springtime, installation is a breeze with little to no mess. Exterior access to windows is usually easiest too as your gardens and shrubbery have yet to fully bloom.

Materials Bind Better

Caulking binds best in warmer weather and not at extreme temperatures. If you try to bind your windows in the winter, moisture caused by rain and snow will prevent a tight seal from forming. Some materials like vinyl also contract in the colder months, which can cause your caulking to crack and split, costing you more time and money getting it repaired.

More Daylight Hours

In the spring you can also take advantage of the longer days and additional light. So instead of getting a measly five hours of work done, your contractor can start earlier and end later, getting the job done much quicker.

Beat The Rush

Late spring and summer are the busiest times for window contractors. But you can beat the rush by scheduling a window installation at the beginning of the springtime. With the lower amount of competition, you can get the dates you want and have the project done and dusted before the summertime.

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