How a New Front Door Will Save on Energy Bills

house with an open front door

If your energy bills have been steadily increasing each month and you feel as though you’re simply paying much more than you use, your front door could be to blame! Many homeowners don’t notice the drafts that percolate through the front entrance until they notice those spikes in their monthly bills during the winter. A new front door can help you save on those bills and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Reduce Uncomfortable Drafts

If it’s been longer than you can recall since your front door has been replaced, chances are it’s not doing any favours for your monthly energy bills. As it endures the elements each and every year, day after day, naturally it’s going to wear down, crack and let drafts enter your home. And a few simple drafts can end up ruining the comfort of your entire home, forcing you to crank up the thermostat.

A new door can easily help you reduce those drafts along with how much you have to pay each month to live in comfort.

Take Advantage of Insulation

Insulated doors can save you a ton of money each month. They not only prevent drafts from seeping inside, but they can also prevent those harsh, cold sub-zero temperatures from latching onto the window pane and cooling down your entranceway and home. Newer insulated doors are what homeowners are opting for today when it comes to keeping those cold temperatures outside where they belong.

Better Quality Materials

When it’s time to install a new door, there’s a wide variety of newer materials available in door hardware, which equate to better quality for you. You can choose energy-rated glass that is designed to keep the cold temperatures outside so that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work overtime to keep your home warm and cozy inside. In addition, they can also help reflect the sunlight during the summertime so you can maintain a comfortable temperature all year long.

So stop paying the price for having an old, worn front door. If you’re struggling to pay your energy bills each month, your HVAC system is probably working too hard to compensate for those drafts. With a new front door you can take full advantage of modern designs and materials that are insulated and energy-efficient so you don’t have to spend so much each and every month to live comfortably at home.



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