Mirror Care 101

Mirror Care 101

Mirrors can really enhance any space throughout your home. But when a mirror is neglected and the frame or glass looks streaky and dusty, it can leave a pretty bad impression. Mirrors are the focal part of a room and attract attention, so it’s important to keep them clean and looking great. Here are some tips to help you take proper care of your mirrors.

Always use a clean, gentle cloth when cleaning the glass

Mirrors are delicate, so it’s imperative to be gentle when it’s time to clean the surface of the glass. Never use an old, dirty rag. This can easily scratch up the glass if there are any abrasive particles or areas on the cloth. Using a soft, clean rag or paper towel works best.

Avoid using harsh cleaning agents

Using toxic cleaning agents that contain chlorine or ammonia can also damage the frame, so avoid using these. You can make a simple cleaning solution that works better than those toxic glass cleaners. Just combine equals part of warm water and dish soap. Even better, use M&T Glass Cleaner!

Avoid spraying cleaning agents directly on the mirror

Spraying cleaning agents directly on the glass surface of the mirror allows the cleaning product to drip down and seep in between the seams of the frame. This can end up damaging the backing of the frame over time. Always spray your cloth or paper towel when cleaning the surface.

Keep mirrors dry

For mirrors that are placed in the bathroom or any other space that experiences heat and moisture, this can make them deteriorate quickly if not maintained. Always try to ensure that rooms where mirrors are placed are well ventilated. Any “sweating” that may occur can end up damaging the mirror and frame over time so wipe mirrors down frequently, especially after a hot shower.

Always be diligent when hanging mirrors

If you’re hanging a mirror on a wall, always ensure that there is sufficient support to handle the weight of the mirror. Check out this guide for hanging heavy mirrors.

Since mirrors are often a focal part of a room, they should be cared for and maintained properly. There are many common mistakes that homeowners perform when cleaning the mirror that can actually end up doing more harm than good. Avoid these mistakes by following these tips to keep you mirrors clean and looking great.



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